Persona 5 Royal: Best Party Setup For Each Palace (2024)

The main dungeons in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal are called palaces. In the game, each palace ruler's distorted desires has caused them to do some rather despicable things in both reality and the metaverse. Each palace has a variety of different enemies to take on, which means you have to know which party is best for each palace.

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Picking the right party setup for each palace is the key to progressing through it smoothly and fairly quickly, especially if you're stressed over time limits. While each player has a party they are comfortable with, even that might not be enough to get through a certain palace. Here is the best overall party setup for each palace. Also, it's important to note that Kamoshida's will not be discussed as you are stuck with only Ann, Ryuji, and Morgana for that palace.


Madarame's Palace - Ann, Ryuji, and Yusuke

The second palace in Persona 5 is a bit weird in the sense that you don't have access to another party member until you're halfway through it. After that point on in Madarame's Palace, the best party to go with is Ann, Ryuji, and Yusuke.

This palace also establishes a trend in Persona 5 that the current palace plays into the newest party member's strengths — so naturally, it plays well into Yusuke's strengths.

  • Yusuke is capable of dealing intense Physical damage with ice attacks that have a chance of freezing enemies, opening them up for technical attacks. Plus there are a number of shadows who are weak to ice.
  • Ryuji is good for this palace as his Physical attacks can deal great damage without wasting too much SP. Plus he is good for some of the enemies that are weak to electricity, such as Asparas.
  • Ann can use her fire-based attacks to deal damage to Jack Frost who is weak to fire. Ann is also more than capable of serving as the party healer and can lower the attacks of enemies, which comes in handy for the Madarame boss fight itself.

Kaneshiro's Palace - Makoto, Morgana, and Ryuji

Kaneshiro's Bank of Gluttony introduces a true powerhouse of a party member in Makoto, a.k.a Queen. As for the other two party members, the two to go with are Morgana and Ryuji.

  • Makoto can also serve as a backup healer with some great Physical attacks to hold her own in a fight. She is great for this palace as her nuclear attacks are the weakness of some shadows here, namely Yaksini and Sui-Ki, and can deal technical damage to burned enemies.

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  • Morgana is a pure healer that restores HP and cures some status effects. He also has the lucky punch move has an increased chance of scoring critical hits which is good when fighting Oni as they have no elemental weaknesses.
  • Ryuji has the same strengths he did in Madaram'es palace plus his electric attacks are the weakness of Fuu-Ki, who is one of the palace's mini-bosses.

Futaba's Palace - Morgana, Makoto, and Yusuke

Things start to get really tough in this palace as there are many enemies, such as Thoth, that have little to no weaknesses, and this is easily the longest palace up to this point. There is a lot of elemental coverage here for the personas, so the best team for versatility would be Morgana, Makoto, and Yusuke.

  • Morgana's healing skills are a lifesaver again as he can heal against some of the tougher enemies that can decimate your team's health, namely Thoth and Yusuke.
  • Makoto can serve as a backup healer and her Frei nuclear attacks can dominate a number of enemies in this palace as they have weaknesses to nuclear attacks. Plus Makoto can increase an ally's defense, which is great for placing on a teammate you want to protect.
  • Yusuke's ice attacks have the advantage over those weird snake ladies, who can deliver a beating if you're not careful, and he can also increase the party's evasiveness against enemies, which can be a game-changer against the mini-bosses that can turn your party into mice.

Okumura's Palace - Morgana, Makoto, and Haru

Okumura's palace is considered by many to be the worst palace in the game and a lot of that has to do with how unforgiving it can be, especially against the enemies. Just about all of the Phantom Thieves will struggle but the best set up for this palace would be Morgana, Makoto, and Haru.

  • Haru is a bit of an odd choice since though she has no healing skills, her Psi attacks are good at taking down the bosses and her grenade launcher can hit an entire group of enemies without wasting any HP or SP.
  • Morgana's Garu attacks can make short work of the small robots that can spawn with the cardholders, which will make taking down the main one easier.
  • Makoto is once again a must as her nuclear attacks are effective against the enemies that reflect Physical attacks. She can also remove debuffs against your party to make this already tough palace a bit easier to get through.

Sae's Palace - Ann, Akechi, and Makoto

Thankfully for the player, the worst palace is followed up by immediately the best palace in the game in Sae's casino. It can be a bit difficult but does not feel as cheap as it did with Okumura's palace. As for the best party for this lavish casino, your best bet would be to go with Ann, Makoto, and Akechi.

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  • Ann can serve as the primary healer as by this point she should have healing abilities that can heal the whole party at once. Her Agi fire attacks will serve you well while she can now lower the attack ratings of whole groups of enemies.
  • Makoto is a good backup healer who has decent enough physical attacks to warrant her role as a potential physical attacker in this palace, as well as a debuffer.
  • Akechi is an absolute must for this palace as many of the palace's enemies are weak to light and curse attacks, and Akechi is capable of dealing both of these attack types. He also has very few weaknesses and can do well enough when dealing Physical attacks, which makes him a true powerhouse for this palace.

Shido's Palace - Makoto, Ryuji, and Haru

Perhaps the most satisfying ruler to take down — Shido's palace really makes you work in toppling the person who is seemingly the game's main antagonist. This is a long palace that will test your endurance, so it is probably best to go with Makoto, Ryuji, and Haru.

  • Ryuji is capable of buffing your party with his ability to increase their attack rating, which plays well into his Physical-based offense and there are plenty of enemies weak to his Zio electric attacks.
  • Makoto is good to serve as the party's healer and by this point can buff the entire team's defense at once, which comes in handy for the boss fights within this palace.
  • Haru's Psi attacks are good at thinning the herd of random battles and her Gun-based physical attacks are a good alternative for when her Psi attacks are not viable.

Depths Of Mementos - Ann, Yusuke, and Makoto

The final palace of the main Persona 5 game is also the toughest as you have to clear it all in one day. Everything you learned in the game will be put to the test and that includes which party to bring with you. The recommended party for this palace is Ann, Yusuke, and Makoto.

  • Though Ann has been a primary healer in previous palaces, her best role for this palace will be as a secondary healer as many of the enemies are weak to fire. Be sure to spend her SP on that, especially if you don't have a lot of SP recovery items heading into this palace.
  • Yusuke's Bufu ice attacks are especially important in this palace as there are a good amount of enemies weak to ice here. Additionally, his Physical attacks are a good alternative for when SP is tight for him.
  • As for Makoto, she can serve as a healer as she is more than capable of serving that role and has enough strength to defend herself with Physical attacks should the need arise.

Maruki's Palace - Akechi, Sumire, and Makoto

The palace exclusive to the royal version is the true finale to the game, which requires certain steps to be completed in order to acquire it. As for the recommended party, the one to use here is Akechi, Sumire, and Makoto.

  • Makoto is once again relegated to the role of healer and buffer, since combining her healing and defense-buffing capabilities will be enough to hold out in extended fights.
  • Akechi lacks the bless attacks he had before, but he has some truly powerful curse, Almighty, and Physical attacks that can run rampant on enemies. Plus, he can unlock the debilitate skill which can drastically lower an opponent's attack, defense, and agility.
  • Sumire finally joins the Phantom Thieves permanently and can use her hybrid skills to great effect in this palace. She can serve as a backup healer in Maruki's palace and has access to the bless skill Akechi is missing out on to deliver major blows onto enemies.

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Persona 5 Royal: Best Party Setup For Each Palace (2024)


Who are the best party members for Mementos palace? ›

Two of the best party members to bring into this fight are Queen (Makoto) and Noir (Haru).

Who should I have in my party Persona 5 Royal? ›

Persona 5 Royal: Best Party Members, Ranked
  1. 1 Makoto Nijima. Makoto is by far the most well-rounded character.
  2. 2 Goro Akechi. While you only have access to Akechi for two palaces in the game, he is a must-take in both situations. ...
  3. 3 Ann Takamaki. ...
  4. 4 Futaba Sakura. ...
  5. 5 Morgana. ...
  6. 6 Yuske Kitagawa. ...
  7. 7 Sumire Yoshizawa. ...
  8. 8 Ryuji Sakamoto. ...
Sep 18, 2022

What is the best group for Futaba's palace? ›

Best Party For Futaba's Palace

There is a lot of elemental coverage that you're able to handle on your own with Joker's stock of Personas, so the best team for versatility in the rest of your coverage would be Morgana, Makoto, and Yusuke.

Can you beat Maruki's palace in one day? ›

This Palace is the largest one in the game and exploring it requires at least two days alongside an exploration to a new area in Mementos to its true bottom in order to remove a roadblock at the Palace's heart, making it a total of three days.

Is Ryuji better than Yusuke? ›

Ryuji seems to feel better but whenever Yusuke DOES work he works very nicely it seems. However, as the main physical damage powerhouses of the game, (at least as it appears to me) Ryuji seems far superior than Yusuke.

Does Kasumi join your party? ›

Eventually, Kasumi will join the Phantom Thieves as a full-fledged party member. She occasionally makes an appearance in the game early on, including her first introduction to Joker being on a crowded subway train where a rude gentlemen take the seat of an elderly woman and immediately falls asleep.

What happens if you romance multiple people Persona 5 Royal? ›

Yes, you can have more than one girlfriend in Persona 5 Royal. In fact, you can date every single romance option if you want — but it's not necessarily recommended. Romancing multiple girls will eventually come back to bite you much later in the story, so think carefully before committing to a relationship.

Who is the most popular girl in Persona 5 Royal? ›

A string of female characters follows soon after with Makoto Nijima, Kasumi Yoshizawa, and Futaba Sakura coming in second, third, and fourth respectively. It's actually not too surprising to see these rankings as well, with Makoto making the top spot in other people's top Persona 5 Royal characters lists.

Can you beat Futaba's Palace in one day? ›

This Palace can be cleared in one day, not including the sending of the calling card and final infiltration to steal the treasure which both happen on the same day.

What sin is Futaba's Palace? ›

Thus, it is just as valid to say that the real Futaba is associated with Sloth.

Is Futaba's Palace short? ›

This is a very short visit - head in through the main entrance and up the steps and you'll be confronted by Shadow Futaba and forced to leave.

What happens if you don t max out maruki? ›

If you don't max out his confidant by November 18, you'll be locked out from enjoying the game's third semester which contains a new palace, higher-level Persona, more school days, and so much more. The Third Semester is what makes Royal such a worthy purchase, even if you've played the first title.

Is it better to finish Palaces early Persona 5? ›

For all but one Palace in the game, complete your Palaces as soon as possible. The only one you shouldn't do this on is the only one you can't do this on. Due to spoilers, we won't go into that here. Not completing a Palace means the owner of it is still up and doing evil things.

Can you use Akechi in Maruki's Palace? ›

Although Akechi won't be available for the following Palaces and will return with a brand new pool of skills in Maruki's Palace, he can make use of these three skills to support his own attacks: Makarakarn can cover for his weakness against Curse, including if his Curse attacks get repelled back at him.

Is Yusuke faster than Hiei? ›

Another show of his speed was when Hiei attacked him in order to test the progress he made in his training when they met up for the Dark Tournament. He is also shown to be fast enough to overtake cars with ease while on a bicycle. While battling Sensui, Yusuke is capable of moving at incredible speeds faster than Hiei.

Can Hiei beat Yusuke? ›

In battle, Yusuke is surprisingly able to keep up with Hiei, until he accesses the power of his Jagan Eye. The power gives Hiei eyes all over his body, turns him green, and vastly increases his speed and makes it impossible for Yusuke to keep up with, and he only narrowly wins the battle.

Can Goku beat Yusuke? ›

Meanwhile, Goku has reached levels that have gone beyond that, more specifically universal powers. Yusuke Urameshi may have the power of a pure demon and even sacred energy if viewers want anime feats, but Goku has become so beyond him that it is very unlikely that he would beat him.

Can you romance Kasumi at rank 5? ›

This eloquent and intelligent young gymnast comes to Joker's aid many times throughout the course of the story, but apart from aiding Joker in battle, in P5R, you can even opt to romance Kasumi as well.

Can we romance Kasumi? ›

Kasumi Goto, one of the DLC crewmates introduced in Mass Effect 2, can join Shepard's squad to defeat the Collectors, but she can't be romanced.

Does Akechi join the Phantom Thieves? ›

Akechi eventually joined the Phantom Thieves, despite his negative stance towards them and their activities.

Who is Joker's canon girlfriend Persona 5? ›

In a nutshell: Cinderella is a story about a woman who met a prince, fell in love with him, and became Ella. Kasumi met Joker, fell in love with him, and became Sumire.

Who is the canon romance in Persona 5? ›

Makoto is considered a queen by her fans. Fans who like her, REALLY like her, and even consider her to be the canon romance of the game. She also is relatively easy to romance and is incredibly plot-relevant.

Can you date Sae Niijima? ›

Persona 5 Royal. Sae retains most of her roles from the original version of the game. While she still cannot be romanced, the protagonist will receive a friendship-based Giri-Choco from her during Valentine's Day. The item cannot be missed, as the protagonist always maxes her confidant.

How old is Futaba Sakura? ›

Persona 5 Royal Statistics Chart
Futaba Sakura15February 19, 2001
Goro Akechi18June 2, 1998
Kasumi Yoshizawa15March 25, 2001
Caroline and JustineUnknownUnknown
10 more rows
Dec 22, 2022

Who is the strongest persona in Royal? ›

#1 - Satanael Is The Best Persona In Persona 5 Royal, Provided You Do A New Game Plus Run. The Ultimate Persona of the Fool Arcana, Satanael is given to the protagonist at the very end of the game. Given the brevity of its appearance, one could be forgiven for thinking that this persona only exists for the final fight.

Who is the most romanced girl in Persona 5? ›

Kasumi Yoshizawa is Persona 5 Royal's new romanceable character. She's a gymnast who always strives to be perfect in every competition that she attends. Yoshizawa is someone who radiates wholesome energy as everything she does towards you comes in a respectful and polite manner.

Is Akechi in love with Joker? ›

It's a love confession: Akechi's life isn't "trivial" to Joker because he loves him.

Can you 100 p5r in one playthrough? ›

Up until now, most of the awards have been time-consuming, but not difficult. For a few of these achievements, that's about to change! Unfortunately, some of these cannot be completed unless you're playing a New Game+ run. This means you have to do at least one additional playthrough to obtain full 100% completion.

What is the hardest Palace in Persona 5 Royal? ›

  • 8 The Final Palace. The Final Palace in Mementos has a lot of heavy lifting to do. ...
  • 7 Kaneshiro's Palace. ...
  • 6 Maruki's Palace. ...
  • 5 Shido's Palace. ...
  • 4 Futaba's Palace. ...
  • 3 Madarame's Palace. ...
  • 2 Kamoshida's Palace. ...
  • 1 Sae's Palace.
Apr 11, 2023

Can you beat Kaneshiro Palace in one day? ›

Infiltration. It's time to get in and find a route to Kaneshiro's treasure! You can clear this Palace in a single day if you so wish, but infiltrate the Palace for the first time no later than July 6th so that you can send the calling card on the 7th and steal his heart on the 8th.

Who is Futaba's real dad? ›

She is a hikikomori (the Japanese term for shut-in). She is also the adoptive daughter of Sojiro Sakura, and the biological daughter of Wakaba Isshiki.

Is Futaba a wrath or sloth? ›

Futaba's Palace looks like a palace about sloth at first, based on her isolation and stagnant heart, but in the end, it's framed as a palace of wrath, due to the hostile image of Wakaba that dominates Futaba's memories.

Is Akechi Futaba's brother? ›

Akechi Goro and Sakura Futaba Are Half-Siblings - Works | Archive of Our Own.

Is Futaba's hair dyed p5? ›

Design. Futaba is a young girl with hip-length black hair dyed bright orange, with straight-cut bangs and two long strands in the front along with a single small, thin strand at the top.

What is the longest Persona game? ›

Answer: The longest Persona game is Persona 5 Royal, with about 130 hours of gameplay. But the second-longest game, Persona 3 FES, isn't far behind at about 120 hours total.

What is Futaba's boss weak to? ›

This enemy is difficult, as it will turn your teammates into rats (a status ailment the game refers to as "rattled," which is very cleaver). However, the beast is weak to wind.

What if you lose to Akechi? ›

If you lose, you must rechallenge Akechi until you win, as he won't rank up until you beat him. "You can't simply strike the ball you're aiming for.

What happens if you forget Akechi? ›

If you choose to forget, then Akechi's ultimate persona will not be unlocked. If you choose to keep your promise, the ultimate persona will unlock. In the third semester of Persona 5 Royal, there is one more dialogue choice to be made that will impact Akechi's confidant.

Is Takuto Maruki bad? ›

In spite of the foreshadowing of his true wish, Maruki is the only Persona 5 major villain that isn't villainous or antagonistic from the start of the game, only becoming fully so during the final battle against Yaldabaoth.

Who to fuse Arsene with? ›

Fusing Inugami with Arsene to make the level 32 Jatayu is a great early game option. At the same time, Forneus is one of the highest-level options. However, the best option is Satanael, which is arguably the best Persona in the game.

How many hours does it take to 100% Persona 5 Royal? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Persona 5 Royal is about 101 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 143 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Should I finish Persona 5 Royal before strikers? ›

Completing P5 before playing Persona 5 Strikers is highly recommended, because even though the latter is advertised as a spin-off, it feels more like a sequel; Strikers assumes that players know about the characters and the rules of its world going in.

Do you need Akechi for true ending? ›

In order to get the true ending in Persona 5 Royal you need to do the following: Reach Confidant rank 9 with Takuto Maruki (Councillor) by Nov. 18. Reach Confidant rank 8 with Goro Akechi (Justice) by Nov.

Can you beat Maruki's Palace in one day? ›

This Palace is the largest one in the game and exploring it requires at least two days alongside an exploration to a new area in Mementos to its true bottom in order to remove a roadblock at the Palace's heart, making it a total of three days.

What confidants do you need for Satanael? ›

Satan: Ultimate Persona of the Judgement Arcana, unlocked by completing Sae Nijima's Confidant (which must be completed to reach any ending that would unlock Satanael anyway.) Fused using Abbadon and any Treasure Demon, or using Raphael and Kali.

Does Shido have a weakness? ›

Shido has no weaknesses or resistances in this form but here are the moves that he uses: Tyrant's Fist: Severe Physical to one target with the chance of Fear. Dekaja: Nullifies all stat bonuses on your party. Megidola: Heavy Almighty to all foes.

Is Futaba a good party member? ›

Futaba does not function like a traditional party member: she does not participate in battle, and as such does not take up a slot in the active party; instead, she serves as Navigator from the back row. Additionally, when she joins, she is always able to contribute in battle.

When best to go to Mementos Persona 5 Royal? ›

The Moon arcana is loosely tied to Mementos, so you won't be able to progress it much unless you complete requests, but it's best to leave Mementos towards the end of the month or a rainy day so that you can do all your requests at once. Going there too often is a waste of time that could be spent better.

Who is the strongest Persona protagonist? ›

10 Makoto Yuki (P3)

The protagonist of Persona 3 is almost without a doubt the strongest Persona protagonist in the entire series under normal conditions. He inherits the Universe arcana which allows him to seal Nyx, a world-threatening god of death.

Which Persona 3 protagonist is canon? ›

The male protagonist's character was reworked for the four-part animated film adaptation, where director Noriaki Akitaya explained pressure in giving the silent character his own personality. He is canonically known as Makoto Yuki in Persona 3 Portable and most other appearances.

Who is Persona best boy? ›

Joker is Persona 5's best boy according to fans of Atlus' JRPG.

Who is Shido true love? ›

Tohka Yatogami

Shido cares very deeply for Tohka, as shown on many occasions, always going out of his way to make her happy and teach her the ways of the world.

Who is the girlfriend of Shido? ›

Tohka has very strong feelings for Shido, and eventually comes to realize she loves him. As he was the first person to ever truly accept her for who and what she is, and gave her a name, Tohka has become deeply attached to Shido, expressing great comfort and happiness whenever in his presence.

Who did Shido marry? ›

He fell in love with Tohka at the firat sight, and it took him 2 years/22 volumes to end up with her.

Is Futaba autistic? ›

While she is not explicitly autistic, social media websites like tumblr tend to interpret Futaba as having the condition. This is somewhat supported by the performance given by her English actress Erica Lindbeck, who has stated that she tried to portray Futaba as if she were on the spectrum.

How old is Futaba now? ›

If you are dying to know the age, height, and birthday of every character in Persona 5 Royal, you've come to the right place.
Persona 5 Royal Statistics Chart.
CharacterFutaba Sakura
BirthdayFebruary 19, 2001
13 more columns
Dec 22, 2022

Is Futaba a hikikomori? ›

Futaba Sakura is one of the main characters in the video game Persona 5. She is a hikikomori (the Japanese term for shut-in). She is also the adoptive daughter of Sojiro Sakura, and the biological daughter of Wakaba Isshiki.

Did Kamoshida sleep with Ann? ›

No she didn't, she tells the protagonist that she didn't. Plus the coach says himself that he did not sleep with her. Even though he tried to and he threatened Ann's friend who tried to hurt herself.

Should you keep Arsene in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Answer: I will be honest, it's not worth keeping Arsene in Persona 5. It unlocks all of its skills at level seven, which is typically before even the first major boss. I think that you can keep Arsene around for the first two Palaces but, after that, you should get rid of it.

How early can you get Satanael Persona 5 Royal? ›

In order to unlock Satanael players must first complete the game, achieving either the true ending of the original Persona 5 or one of the two new endings added in Royal.

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