PoE 3.21 Crucible – Impending Doom Guide (2024)

The Impending Doom Support Occultist curses adversaries, poisons them, and sets off a series of chaotic explosions that completely clear the screen. With this build, you can start a new league with a little currency and clear the majority, if not all, of the material.

It excels at mapping and deals enough damage to eliminate every game's end-game boss. Look no further if you're seeking a build that makes the whole screen erupt! Many thanks to Paak_HC for figuring out and creating the complex mechanisms that make this build work.

PoE 3.21 Crucible – Impending Doom Guide (1)

Introduction to the Impending Doom Crucible 3.21 Build

Impending Doom works well whenever you curse an enemy, as after the tick down towards the doom finishes, a big boom causes huge damage. The primary goal you as a builder should go for is reducing the tick-down time or, more attuned to the nature of this article, impending Doom. The sooner you bring on the Doom, the faster the enemies you will decimate and clear the map speeds much, much faster. You can also learn about more upcoming updates and the latest news by visiting the website.

Impending Doom – Build Rating

Let's look at the most important stats of the build in the game.

● The difficulty of the build – is 3/5, so just about moderate.

● Budget for Impending Doom – 3/5, so on average not so expensive to complete or build.

● Map Clear Speeds During End Game – Quite awesome, actually, so we give it 4/5.

● Boss Encounters – Average, so a standard 3/5 for this build.

● Defense – An excellent 4/5, which we will see in this article why it is so great.

Main Skills and Gems for Impending Doom Build

Impending Doom is a skill that increases the damage of your minions and causes them to explode when they die. This explosion can hit enemies in a small radius, which can be useful for clearing out large groups of enemies.

Following are the main skills of the amazing Impending Doom build.

Doom Blast

The Impending Doom Assist debuff is applied when Temporal Chains are cast. This debuff causes a massive Doom Blast, an explosion that does Chaos Damage in a specific region when the applied curse expires or is removed.

Curse Cascade

Vixen's Entrapment causes Punishment and other skills, such as Despair and Enfeeble, to be cast automatically whenever a curse skill is used.


Our buildscalesour toon'sdamage and defense using a combination of Auras Grace, Determination, Malevolence, and Herald of Agony.

Plague Bearer

Plague Bearer surrounds your character with an aura that deals Chaos Damage over Time, which is useful for clearing out hordes of creatures and adding extra damage to single targets.

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Ascendancy Breakdown of Impending Doom

If you want to build a character specializing in Poison Impending Doom Support, the Occultist is the ideal choice. This is because the Occultist offers several benefits that greatly enhance your build's effectiveness.

The Explosion

the Occultist provides explosions that are incredibly useful for clearing out large groups of enemies. This allows you to move through maps quickly and efficiently, making progress and farm items easier. You can also boost performance by using currency.

Additional Curse

the Occultist offers an additional curse, a powerful tool for controlling enemies and increasing damage output. By adding an extra curse to your build, you can apply additional debuffs on your enemies, making them easier to kill and reducing their resistance to attacks.

Chaos Resistance

The Occultist makes it easy to cap your Chaos Resistance, which is important for surviving in higher-level maps. Additionally, the Occultist can reduce enemy resistance, making it even easier to deal damage.

In addition to all these benefits, the Occultist also provides free applications of Wither stacks, which can further increase your damage output. These factors make the Occultist an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a Poison Impending Doom Support character in Path of Exile.

Profane Bloom - Cursed enemies have a 50% probability of exploding upon their death, dealing a quarter of their maximum life as damage to nearby foes.

Void Beacon - The skill provides a debuff to enemies near, reducing their Chaos Resistance by 20% and preventing them from regenerating their life.

Withering Presence - You will apply a Wither stack every second by being near nearby enemies. Additionally, you receive a +60% increase to your Chaos Resistance and deal 15% more Chaos Damage. The skill can be further enhanced by spending PoE currency.

Unholy Authority - With this skill, you can apply an added Curse to enemies and have your curses bypass monster curse immunity.

Once you obtain a pair of Vixen's Entrapment, switching out Unholy Authority for Vile Bastion, an Ascendancy notable that provides stun immunity, is recommended. At the same time, you have an energy shield and a substantial amount of Energy Shield regeneration.

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Build Info of Impending Doom

Impending Doom is a powerful build dealing with chaos damage and curses on enemies. It utilizes various skills such as Blight, Bane, and Despair to maximize its damage output. This build also relies on high survivability using Energy Shield and stun immunity.

Impending Doom Support Mechanics

Impending Doom Support enables self-cast Hex curses that trigger a Chaos explosion when they expire. Vixen's Entrapment forces the Hex to expire by triggering socketed curses. The curse limit is 3, so a 4th overwrites and triggers Doom Blast. Choose between Punishment or Enfeeble depending on damage or survivability. Poison Chance is essential for this build, achieved by equipping a Divergent Herald of Agony and anointing Toxic Strikes. Watch the top left socket in your Gloves for gem placement.

Cooldown Recovery Rate

CDR is crucial for Impending Doom Support as it affects the cooldown of Curses triggered by Vixen's Entrapment and Doom Blast. More CDR and cast speed can increase the default 6.7 hits per second. Use Silenth's spreadsheet to calculate the required cast speed and CDR. CDR provides significant damage, but breakpoints matter only for end-game optimization. Remember to prioritize CDR for maximum output.

Spell Cascade Support & Overlaps

For overlapping triggered and self-cast Hexes, use Spell Cascade Support in both Gloves and Body Armour. Overlapping circles create zones that allow hitting a single target twice per cast. Awakened Spell Cascade Support creates an extra overlap, resulting in 3 explosions per cast. An ideal setup is two Awakened Spell Cascade Supports, but start with one in Gloves if cost is an issue.

Defensive Layers & Gearing Up

Impending Doom is a popular build that cultivates Hexes to deal damage. While the build has strong offensive capabilities, it is essential also to prioritize defensive layers when gearing up. One way to do this is by focusing on life and energy shield on gear and utilizing defensive flasks. Additionally, using Mind over Matter or Acrobatics can provide additional damage mitigation. It's also important to have enough resistance to avoid elemental damage, as well as chaos resistance to mitigate the damage from chaos damage over time effects. Impending Doom builds can thrive in end-game content by balancing both offense and defense.

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Ailment Avoidance

By itemizing effectively, you can attain a complete 100% Chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments, which guarantees your safety against Ailments like Chill, Shock, Freeze, Ignite, and others. However, it's important to note that certain rare monsters and Eldritch Altars can reflect the non-damaging ailments that you inflict. So it's important to prioritize itemization to counteract this, as these reflected ailments could increase the overall damage you take from all sources and considerably slow down your character's Action Speed.

Spell Suppression

Suppression is a crucial defensive layer by reducing incoming Spell damage by 50%. Achieving the Spell Suppression cap is a breeze, as the passive tree clusters provide a significant amount. You can easily itemize the rest to ensure you reach the 100% or more threshold, bolstering your defense further.


Armour can help reduce the impact of physical damage from hits. You can obtain it through gear or by using a Granite Flask. Wearing a Skin of the Lords can increase your armor rating. Determination can grant a more Armour multiplier and a significant amount of flat Armour. Additionally, Molten Shell can provide a protective buff that gets stronger the higher your base Armour is, allowing you to absorb incoming damage for a limited time when triggered by the Cast when Damage Taken Support.


Increasing your Evasion rating can increase your character's chances of dodging incoming attacks. You can obtain Evasion through gear, such as the Skin of the Lords or a Jade Flask. Furthermore, using the PoE Divine orb or Grace skill can provide a more Evasion multiplier and a significant amount of flat Evasion to bolster your defenses.

Playstyle and Strategy for Impending Doom Builds

Positioning is Key - Impending Doom builds heavily on area of effect damage, so it's important to position yourself in a way that allows you to hit as many enemies as possible. Stay on the move and lure enemies into groups to maximize your damage.

Use Your Crowd Control Abilities - Impending Doom builds often have access to crowd control abilities like stuns or slows. Use these abilities to keep enemies at bay while you deal damage from a distance.

Time Your Damage Over Time Abilities - Impending Doom builds rely on damage over time abilities to deal damage. Time these abilities correctly to ensure that enemies take maximum damage.

Stay Alive - Impending Doom can be squishy, so staying alive is important. Use defensive abilities like shields or heels to keep yourself alive while dealing damage.

Focus On Area of Effect Damage - Impending Doom builds are all about the area of effect damage, so focus on abilities that hit multiple enemies at once. This will help you clear groups of enemies quickly and efficiently.

PoE 3.21 Crucible – Impending Doom Guide (2024)
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