Engraving System Guide - Lost Ark Maxroll.gg - Engravings Overview (2024)

Last Updated: May 16th 2023

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Engravings are empowerments that are applied to your character for various buffs that alter your playstyle. They can be either a Class or a Battle Engraving Recipe and are found in various endgame content. Other sources include Endgame Accessories and Ability Stones which contain positive and malus Engraving Points that help form the build of your choice. All of this is trackable in your character profile under the Engraving Tab. Why someone should bother to get them, where they can be found and how they actually work are all the questions we will answer here, so buckle up and let's learn all about them!

Engraving Point System

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The bread and butter of Engravings is the point system attached to them. By accumulating points, you reach specific thresholds which activate the different levels of your Engravings and their respective buffs. The 3 different levels can be activated by obtaining 5, 10 and 15 points. Note that any points that do not unlock a specific level threshold or go over 15 points are inactive and provide no bonuses.

Did I mention Malus Effects yet? That's right! Not only do you have to manage your Engravings giving you positive effects, but Ability Stones and Accessories also contain maluses which function under the same point system. There are 4 different effects and while some are not as harmful as the others, your objective is to avoid unlocking any of them.

Malus EffectLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Attack Speed Reduction-2%-4%-6%
Move Speed Reduction-2%-4%-6%
Attack Power Reduction-2%-4%-6%
Defense Reduction-5%-10%-15%

Engraving Recipes

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There are two types of Engraving Recipes that a character in Lost Ark can obtain. These recipes are used to unlock Imprints that further the progress of your Engraving Setup.

  • Battle Engraving Recipes - General Engravings that can be used by any class.
  • Class Engraving Recipes - Class specific Engravings that can only be used by the class they are assigned to.

There are 43 different Battle Imprints and 30 Class Imprints to unlock but beware that only two can be applied to a single character at a time. To unlock an Engraving eligible for Imprinting you need to activate 20 Battle or Class Engraving Recipes of the same rarity. This would enable tier 1 of it, granting you +3 points to the respective engraving of your choice. There are multiple tiers to these Imprints, and each tier has to be unlocked in order. Once unlocked, these Imprints can be reused an unlimited amount of times and shared across every character of the same server.

TierEngraving PointsRequired Recipe Amount
1+3x20 Battle Engraving Recipe
2+6x20 Battle Engraving Recipe
3+9x20 Battle Engraving Recipe
4+12x20 Battle Engraving Recipe


Aside from your core stats like Crit, Specialization and Swiftness accessories drop with random positive and negative Engraving Points attached to them. These cannot be altered in any way and have variable rolls depending on the rarity of your item. Accessories can drop with Class Specific Engravings on them, but only for the class you're currently playing. Legendary rarity and upwards contains 2 lines of positive Engravings.

RarityEngraving PointsMalus
Rare+1 Random EngravingN/A
Epic+1 to 2 Random Engraving+1 to 3 Random Malus
Legendary+1 Random Engraving
+1 to 2 Random Engraving
+1 to 3 Random Malus

Ability Stones

Ability Stones are acquired through various endgame activities such as Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Field Bosses, Ghost Ship and many more. They are useful for their properties that grant 2 random engravings (these cannot include Class Specific Engravings) and 1 random malus which you can process at a Stone Cutter NPC in any major city of a continent. The higher the rarity of your stone, the more Engraving Points it can obtain. Keep in mind that the stone cutting process is based on chance.

RarityEngraving PointsMalus
Rare+0 to 6 Random Engraving
+0 to 6 Random Engraving
+0 to 6 Random Malus
Epic+0 to 8 Random Engraving
+0 to 8 Random Engraving
+0 to 8 Random Malus
Legendary+0 to 9 Random Engraving
+0 to 9 Random Engraving
+0 to 9 Random Malus
Relic+0 to 10 Random Engraving
+0 to 10 Random Engraving
+0 to 10 Random Malus

Engraving Setup Build Order

Having 3 different ways of obtaining Engraving Points for your build introduces a lot of complexity and confusion. But it doesn't have to be complicated. Let’s break down how to tackle your Engraving Setup in the best way possible!

  1. Ability Stones
    This should be your first step in the process. These stones provide a big chunk of points towards the two Engravings of your choice. Prioritize the two best options discussed in our Class Guides. Just remember that Ability Stones cannot include your Class Engraving.
  2. Necklaces
    Are less important in the lower tiers of Lost Ark, but will be crucial in future content. First focus on obtaining the optimal attributes for your build be it Crit, Speciality or Swiftness. Then get the highest quality Necklace possible, as it gives the most Stat Points of any accessory. Finally, make sure it has your Class Engraving in addition to one of the two choices you went with on your Ability Stone. All of these steps make the perfect Necklace, and the chances of you finding it yourself are slim to none, so the Auction House is your best friend in this endeavor.
  3. Imprints
    Every character can imprint two Engravings of their choice as long as they have them learned (Note: you can imprint the same Engraving twice). Depending on which tier you have unlocked this provides anywhere from +3 to +12 points for a single engraving. Generally these should be reserved for your Class Engraving and the most important Battle Engraving for your build.
  4. Remaining Accessories
    With all the previous steps in place, fill out your Engravings with the help of the remaining 2 Earring and 2 Ring slots. Go for the correct substats depending on your build and calculate the exact amount of points needed to reach any Engraving threshold that you're still working on while prioritizing reaching level 3 for your important engravings. Avoid going over the maximum points (+15) for a single Engraving and balance out the negative malus to make life easier.

Sounds easy right? With a little bit of tinkering here and there you'll grasp how to manage your engravings in no time!

Engraving Recipe Sources

Sources for engravings in Lost Ark include:

  • Clearing your daily Chaos Dungeons.
  • Clearing certain stages in Shadespire Tower.
  • Class Engraving Recipe for clearing daily Guardian Raids.
  • Special rooms within the Cube and its Diamond Chest reward.
  • Random drop from Secret Maps obtained by attending Chaos Gates.
  • Random Battle & Class Engraving Recipe for clearing Abyssal Dungeons.
  • Side quest completions in East Luterra reward Battle & Class Recipe Selection Pouches.
  • Story questline completion for specific Islands rewards Battle & Class Recipe Selection Pouches.
  • Island exchange merchants that offer Battle & Class Recipe Selection Pouches with a limited availability per week in return for currency found on their Islands.
  • One time purchase of 20 Perception Engraving Recipe Pouches for exchanging Perception Shards at Magick Scholar Jeneca in Vern Castle. These shards can be obtained by completing Endless Chaos Dungeons.


Try to maximize your engraving points by utilizing all three ways of obtaining them, be it Ability Stones, Engraving Recipes or Accessories. Spread out malus points across all 4 negative options to avoid reaching the activation threshold and making your character weaker.

  • The same engraving can be Imprinted in both available slots if necessary, be it a class or battle engraving.
  • Class specific engravings cannot spawn on Ability Stones.
  • Minimize the excess points by not going over +15 in any engraving.
  • Checkout our Class Guides to know which engraving to choose.


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Engraving System Guide - Lost Ark Maxroll.gg - Engravings Overview (2024)


What are the most sought after engravings in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark: The Best Engraving Books
  • 9 Grudge.
  • 8 Cursed Doll.
  • 7 Keen Blunt Weapon.
  • 6 Raid Captain.
  • 5 Adrenaline.
  • 4 Awakening.
  • 3 Barricade.
  • 2 Ambush Master.
Nov 27, 2022

What does 4x3 mean in Lost Ark? ›

4x3 means that you have 4 Level 3 Engravings. 1x1 means 1 Level 1 Engraving. For the additional 1x1 Engraving, you need to purchase 2x20. Legendary Engraving Books or 1x20. Legendary Engraving Books and cut a +9/+6.

How do you manage engravings in Lost Ark? ›

You need to use 20 uncommon recipes of specific engravings to unlock it. Then you can upgrade it by using 20 rare recipes, followed by 20 epic recipes, and finally 20 legendary recipes. Each level of the engraving gives you 3 points when you equip it, meaning that uncommon is 3, and legendary is 12.

What is the best engraving for Deathblade remaining energy? ›

Starter Engravings

Remaining Energy allows the Deathblade to maintain high damage uptime and receive free stats when ending Death Trance. This engraving is extremely efficient at level 1, and it is recommended that you keep it at that level for Tier 1 content. At Tier 3, it's recommended that you max it out to Level 3.

How do you farm rare engravings in Lost Ark? ›

How To Get Them. The primary method of getting Engraving Books is as a reward for Quests (also a great method of farming Silver). These can be Story Quests, Side Quests, Roster Quests, or even World Quests, and players likely received a large chunk of them when they leveled their first character from 1 to 50.

How do you get 3 3 3 3 engravings in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark Engraving calculator

It's easy to get 3 x 3 engravings with legendary accessories : Stone 6/6 + double engraving 9/9 from books = already 2 engravings. 5 acc with +3 on your class engraving and hop you're 3x3.

What gearing level is 50 Lost Ark? ›

When you hit end game at level 50, for instance, your gear level should be around 250. Unlike New World's rather perplexing Gear Score system, Lost Ark's is much simpler. You can either manufacture better gear or run dungeons until you have a complete set of rare gear with the score you desire.

Is 4x3 enough for vykas hard? ›

4x3 is good enough. For clown you need 5x3.

When should I focus on Engravings Lost Ark? ›

And for Ability Stones, you can use anything you like until much later. Start worrying about Engravings builds once you're farming Dungeons and Raids drops.

Should I sell my Engravings Lost Ark? ›

Just don't, if you are lucky enough to get any engraving/seal books above green/blue tier early keep them. Once the server economy establishes itself those books will be worth absurd amounts of gold, especially ones like grudge.

How many Engravings can I equip Lost Ark? ›

Once they're unlocked, up to two Engravings can be directly equipped to your character, although more can be added using accessories and Ability Stones.

What is the x3 rule in Lost Ark? ›

The x3 rule looks at the battlefield like a clock, and players merely need to take their party number and multiply by 3 to figure out their cardinal position for these mechanics. In the party, each player has an assigned number, 1 - 4, found next to their name on the left side of the screen.

How long does 30 50 take Lost Ark? ›

Casual players can reach level 50 in Lost Ark in around 25 hours. A handful of players dedicated their entire time to leveling up their character. This saw them reach level 50 in around 15 hours and a few cases in as little as 10 hours.

Can you get all 7 arks in Lost Ark? ›

There are 7 lost arks scattered throughout Arkesia, but only 6/7 can be found at the moment. All 7 Arks have not yet been released in the original Korean version, but the first 6 can be acquired by completing World Quests.

What should I sell in Lost Ark? ›

Sell your unwanted weapons, armor and items in Lost Ark to make more silver. Spend any amount of time in Lost Ark and you'll have items to sell. Whether you want to sell some weapons, armor, or other gear, finding your nearest merchant and offloading your unwanted goods is a great way to earn some more silver.

What is the highest rarity in Lost Ark? ›

All items come with a different quality and show a certain rarity, that can range from Normal, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and the highest rank, Relic.

What items to sell in Lost Ark? ›

Things to Trade in the Market
  • Equipment Chest. There are different equipment chests in the Lost Ark that can be bought from the market. ...
  • Skins. ...
  • Engraving Recipes. ...
  • Combat Supplies. ...
  • Enhancement Materials. ...
  • Cooking Items. ...
  • Trade Skill Tools and Resources. ...
  • Sailing Materials.

Should I sell my engravings Lost Ark? ›

Just don't, if you are lucky enough to get any engraving/seal books above green/blue tier early keep them. Once the server economy establishes itself those books will be worth absurd amounts of gold, especially ones like grudge.

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